The sky is the limit!

I am Kevin “Doc” Burgess. The Lean Stoic.

After many years of moving from profession to profession I found one common link and a practice that I NEVER knew I had been practicing all along. LEAN! In my last job (manufacturing) I was exposed to a book by Paul Akers, “2 Second Lean”. My eyes were now wide open to the practice and various concepts Lean provided. And like I said earlier, I had been practicing aspects of Lean for YEARS and never realized it.

I’ve always been an avid reader and the powers that be noticed my reclusiveness during breaks and lunches. I would be sitting in a corner of the cafeteria…reading of course. I was asked one fateful afternoon a few years ago to lead a “Book Club” within a multi-billion dollar company. I was floored to say the least. Of course I said YES. They were going to pay me to do the one thing I love more than most…READ.

So after a “Soft retirement” and attending classes remotely through Villanova University. I am now a certified “Lean Sensei” and working as a Spares Clerk at Cometeer coffee out of Gloucester Massachusetts.

The great thing about Cometeer (besides some of the BEST coffee I’ve ever drank in my life) is that they are going to let me bring that same “Book Club” that the multi-billion dollar company abandoned to them. Can’t wait.

***More to come…stay tuned***

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