The sky is the limit!

I am Kevin “Doc” Burgess. The Lean Stoic.

After many years of moving from profession to profession I found one common link and a practice that I NEVER knew I had been practicing all along. LEAN! In my last job (manufacturing) I was exposed to a book by Paul Akers, “2 Second Lean”. My eyes were now wide open to the practice and various concepts Lean provided. And like I said earlier, I had been practicing aspects of Lean for YEARS and never realized it.

I’ve always been an avid reader and the powers that be noticed my reclusiveness during breaks and lunches. I would be sitting in a corner of the cafeteria…reading of course. I was asked one fateful afternoon a few years ago to lead a “Book Club” within a multi-billion dollar company. I was floored to say the least. Of course I said YES. They were going to pay me to do the one thing I love more than most…READ.

So, now I am in what I would call a “Soft retirement” and attending classes remotely through Villanova University. Working on a certification in what is known as Lean 6 Sigma. That 3 course scenario will end on September 1st 2021. But with all that I was eligible for the Lean Sensei certification exam and….GOT IT! So now a certified “Lean Sensei”, I am looking forward to what the future holds. With all things LEAN of course.

***More to come…stay tuned***